Closing Checklist-Protect your Property Rights with Midland Title

August 30, 2017

Determine who will conduct your closing, and when and where it’s scheduled.

Your Realtor or Lender may recommend their affiliated title company or another title company that they commonly work with. It's up to you, the consumer, to choose a title company. We are an independent title company and have no affiliations. Many consumers reach out to the Midland Title team as we have depth of experience, a team of dedicated and experienced professionals plus we love being able to help you with your closing experience so that we can give you the keys to your property at closing!

Since the closing process varies by state, ask the person conducting your closing what to expect. Things to ask:

What do I need to bring to closing? How much money do I need to bring to closing? How do I pay?

Review Your Closing Disclosure:

By law, you must receive a five-page Closing Disclosure  from your lender at least three days prior to your closing.

Bring these items with you:

Picture ID (for example: a valid driver’s license or passport): The person handling the closing will need to make a copy of it. Confirm what specific type of Picture ID is acceptable prior to closing. Appropriate payment for closing costs: Some companies require wired funds, while others accept a certified check. Make sure you know what form of payment is acceptable.

Contact the Midland Title team for your next closing. Protect your property rights by purchasing an Owner's policy of title insurance. Your life will change over time, your peace of mind never will.

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