Employee Spotlight

Ashley Hernandez

Intern/Administrative Assistant
Please share with us: where you are from, family, pets, etc?
I am from Los Angeles, California but I was raised in MN! I have one older brother and I have a younger brother. I have a German Shepherd mixed with Border Collie and Lab. My boyfriend and I adopted him from a rescue and his name is Dollar. Dollar came from Alabama and when he got to the rescue in Minnesota, they decided to name him Dollar because he was worth a million dollars to them. We decided to keep that name because it is so special and describes the kind of dog he is.
Tell us a little bit about what you do at Midland Title & your background. Anything else you would like to share about Midland Title?
When I get here in the morning I make sure supplies are in place and we are ready for another day of closings. I answer the phone, open files, print closing packages and help anywhere else I can. I started working at Midland Title the week right after I graduated from high school. I love working at Midland Title because I’ve always been interested in Real Estate and everyday I learn something new!
In my free time I love taking my dog on walks and playing with him in the yard. I also love taking him to the dog park because Dollar absolutely loves meeting new dogs and playing with them. I love traveling and going to California at least once a year to visit my family.
Please share with us, your primary responsibilities, what you enjoy doing and how you are involved in the community:
Tell us a little bit about what you do at Midland Title and your schedule:

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