Employee Spotlight

Pam Lienemann

Executive Closer
Please share with us: where you are from, family, pets, etc?
I'm from Iowa, transplanted to Minnesota in 1973. I have one Daughter (grown) and a pet dog, a Sheltie.
Tell us a little bit about what you do at Midland Title & your background. Anything else you would like to share about Midland Title?
Highlights of my background: 30 years as Mortgage & Real Estate Closer/worked for the first MN Title Company to automate closings via computer/Assisted in Title Software Implementation at 3 Title Companies. Midland Title: Mortgage & Real Estate Closer/Assist with Title Software and document development. I like Midland Title for mid-sized company, staff willingness to chip in and do what needs to be done to guarantee smooth transactions.
Please share with us what you enjoy doing in your free time - hobbies and interests?
Enjoy summer in, on, or near the water (lake, river, pool-not partial) I'm also a certified handler with LCC K9 Comfort Dog Ministries-handle Golden Retriever "Gideon" to provide mercy and comfort to those in need.

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