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Andrea did a phenomenal job and things went smoothly. I will hopefully have more soon!

Brett Leschinsky
Venture Bank

Andrea, thank you for the easy closing experience! It was well organized and stress free! Have a wonderful Summer.

Briana O.

Andrea, many thanks to you for all of your work on. Everything went so smoothly & you were so kind & helpful when a few last minute oversights (on my & the seller’s part) came up. Thank you!

Dolly Langer
Edina Realty

We have spent some time talking with Lori at the Grand Rapids Office. Friendly, informational and professional. We are confident they will provide a great service to the area.

Jamie and Mari Jo
REI Inspections

Colleen is an absolute delight to work with! She is extremely efficient and detail oriented which is so critical. You can tell Colleen enjoys her work - she is always so positive, friendly and willing to do what it takes to get things done. I would highly recommend her!

Janna Ryan
John Kraemer & Sons, Inc.

Pam was very, very good. Not sure if she mentioned but she found two other mortgages on our sellers. Sellers thought they were previously paid off. Pam tracked down the debts and included them. Everything worked out and we sincerely appreciate her efforts on the deal.

Jim Kroeten
Advisor Realty Group

Colleen is the consummate professional, demonstrating great relationship skills coupled with the knowledge of how to effectively serve her clientele.

Jody Kern
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

I have closed dozens of transactions with Midland Title and the process has always been smooth and efficient. I always enjoy working with Andrea Liverseed and her team!

Jon Wagner
Wintrust Mortgage

Closing real estate transactions, no matter the size, can be very stressful and frustrating. This is especially true if the title company assisting the transaction does not have your best interest at heart. If you prefer to work with a title team that removes the stress and frustration from a real estate closing, Midland Title is your solution. From start to finish you will find that the team of professionals at Midland Title work extremely hard to make sure you and your client have a positive, stress free, satisfactory experience. No mistakes or surprises, just quality service and a quality product.

Kurt Cottier
North Star Bank

Liz was phenomenal, and I told her after the fact! She took great care to explain the documents and provided a great amount of information to the buyers – they were first timers, and I was impressed with Liz!

Kyle Zimmer
Royal Credit Union (RCU)

Thank you, Colleen! You rock. I love how you take feedback and implement immediately. We will be sending you some deals this week.

Liz Peter
LeaderOne Financial

Dear Liz, About three months ago, we worked together on the closing of XXX. I believe the transaction went very smoothly, and I recall that you deserved a lot of credit. It is obvious that you take pride in your work and always aspire to deliver the best possible service. For this reason I feel comfortable referring my clients to you when the opportunity arises and I hope that you will do the same. I look forward to working with you again in the near future. Feel free to call anytime.

Michael T. Noone
Mortgages By Noone, LLC

Everything went great and my clients were thrilled! Thanks for everything!

Rebecca Peterson
Coldwell Banker Burnet

Thank you Midland for the continued great work with your Title and Closing Services. Great people with deep knowledge in the area of property rights, the closing process and the idea real customer service is still alive and well!

Roy Sperr
Equity Source Mortgage

I work regularly with Midland Title for both my seller and buyer side closings. My closer, Liz Pratt, is the best. She actively looks for things that could be issues and works hard behind the scenes to ensure that my clients have an on-time and smooth closing. My clients often remark what an excellent job Liz does at going through the paperwork and explaining everything at the closing. I also like that Midland Title has an on-site attorney, and that the owner of the company works on-site as well. I feel very supported by the entire staff, and highly recommend Midland Title.

Sandy Cleland
RE/MAX Results

Can't recommend Midland Title enough. Working in the real estate industry for almost 30 years I have worked with a lot of title companies. On every occasion, Midland Title has went above and beyond to make sure my titles are searched and closed properly. I love the quick service with providing title commitments, and the excellent closers. We had a complicated new construction where we needed to get easements granted from 5 owners to get to our new lake lot to provide access for our clients home. They worked diligently with us to make this happen and close. The Business Development person, Colleen Nagle is available for answers on questions, pricing and coordinating last minute closings. I highly recommend Midland Title for all your closing needs.

Stacy Newgaard
Bell Bank Mortgage

Andrea, a big thank you to you and your team. You guys do a great job.

Stephanie Pedersen
RealCOO Transacation Manager

We have been working with Midland Title for many years and we've had a very positive experience through all of our real estate transactions. Their staff is superb in handling all of our closings. The team is very personable and detail-oriented, making sure their clients are always in the know. We will continue to and look forward to working with Midland Title for many years to come.

Steve Schwieters
Wooddale Builders, Inc.

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